Teen Volunteer Application 2024 - Nature Day Camp
If you are interested in volunteering as a Teen Volunteer during the summer of 2024, please complete this application. If you are a NEW Teen Volunteer, please have three references complete the Teen Volunteer Reference Form.
Personal Information (Teen Volunteer Applicant)

*First Name (Teen Volunteer)
*Last Name (Teen Volunteer)
*What name you would like on your name tag?
Example: "Joe" instead of Joseph.
Please add a phonetic spelling.
Example: EE-lees for Elise
*Preferred Pronouns (She,her,hers; He,him,his; They,Them,Theirs):
*Street Address
*Zip Code
Please share an email that will be checked regularly as this is our primary method of communication.
*Whose phone is this?
Is this the teen's, parent's/guardian's, or home phone number?
*What t-shirt size would you like?
Each volunteer receives a t-shirt to wear at camp.

Parent/Guardian Information

*Parent/Guardian First Name
*Parent/Guardian Last Name
*Parent/Guardian Email
*Parent/Guardian Phone
Education Information

Which grade are you currently in?
What middle school do/did you attend?
What high school do you attend?
*Have you taken any relevant classes? If so, what are they?
Interests and Experience
Please share any interests and experience that you have.

*What is your experience working with children?
This can include siblings, volunteer opportunities, in-school opportunities, or jobs.
*What is your experience with teaching others?
This can include formal and informal teaching, experiences with peers, children, or adults, indoors or outdoors.
*What is your experience with nature?
This can be formal (a biology class) or informal (camping with family, catching frogs, etc.).
*What hobbies or activities do you participate in?
This can include sports, clubs, or personal interests.
Teen Volunteer Positions
Counselor-In-Training, Activity Crew Member, Crew Leader

*Have you ever volunteered with Nature Day Camp before?
*Are you interested in the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) position?
CITs work alongside Nature Day Camp staff to help campers have a fantastic day camp experience. CITs assist with crafts, keep track of campers on hikes, sing songs, play games, watch for camper safety, and help with setting up and cleaning up before and after camp. Campers range in age from 3 to 15 years old. CITs arrive at 8:30 am and finish the day around 4 pm (except on Monday when we ask them to come at 8:15 am and attend a Team Meeting until 4:30 pm).
*Are you interested in being an Activity Crew Member?
Activity Crew Members are volunteers who work alongside Nature Day Camp staff to help campers have a fantastic day camp experience. Activity Crew members have flexibility with their day-to-day tasks. Tasks they may help with include Before and After Care programming, assisting the Leadership Team with check-in and out each day, managing lunchtime activities, and managing pre-and post- flagpole playtime.
*Are you interested in being a Crew Leader?
'Crew Leader' is an opportunity for teen volunteers who want to step up to the next level. These individuals will help manage the Teen Volunteer program, assist with training other Teen Volunteer, support counselors with their programming, and help with campers. You’ll get first-hand experience and a unique perspective as to what it takes to be a Nature Day Camp Counselor.
*Select preference for teen volunteer position.
If you only are interested in one position, select that role.
Are you able to attend the Nature Day Camp Teen Volunteer Training on Saturday, May 18th from 9am-12:30pm?
Please select the weeks you would be available to volunteer.
We will select two of these weeks and send you a schedule in mid- to late-April.

Please share any notes that will assist us in scheduling your assigned weeks.
These might include a need to carpool or to be scheduled the same week as a sibling.
Which grades of campers would you be willing to work with?
Please select as many grade levels as you like.

Are you interested in working with campers who may need extra support at camp?
This involves being an understanding and supportive member of a team that helps kids who are nervous, have anxiety about social situations, or need some other kind of support be successful at camp.